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     This is a collection of songs that is very near and dear to my heart. I don't know if I could pick a favorite if I tried, but "Going Home To Carolina" will always be a special song to me.

     Except for two short visits, I spent the first three months of 2002 alone. My family and I were in the process of moving to North Carolina to be closer to a group of saints God had put us together with. My wife and children went on ahead of me, and with the help of our family in the Lord, they set up house while I stayed behind to "tie up the loose ends". This song tells of the feelings I had while alone in our empty house, waiting for the day when I too would be "going home to Carolina".

     From the first song, "My Redeemer"; an up tempo, toe-tapping song sure to clear out the cobwebs of the heart and mind, to "You Know This Of Me"; a song from the Lord, gentle, loving, and straight to the heart, this cd is full of the love and the feelings of God. I know you will enjoy it.


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CD Reviews

Music for the Heart!
"This cd is great for your heart and soul! The words in the songs on this cd reach into the depths of your heart and touch you when nothing else can even come close."

Soul Stirring!
"This is one of my favorite gospel CDs. I can listen to every song on this CD and never get tired of it. The music alone is wonderful, but I think the real beauty of these songs lies in the lyrics. Positively inspirational! Thank you Jesus!"

I can't even begin to put into words the wonderful feelings that come from the songs on "Going Home to Carolina." These songs go straight to your heart. "What Do You Want From Jesus" is one of my favorites. Listening to this cd gives you rest from your hectic day.

Going Home To Carolina
I had only met Darren a couple of times before he moved to North Carolina. When I heard this song it touched my heart so deeply. Just to think a man would fall in love with Jesus and the people he met here and move his family across the country, it was more than my heart could take in. I love all of his songs but this is one of my favorites and it holds a special place in my heart because I know he obeyed the voice of God.

The BEST music ever!
"The music on this CD will be good for your soul. I have never heard a CD where the #12 song was as good as the first four songs on the CD. I cannot pick favorites because they are all such good songs."