I started playing guitar at the age of fifteen, and am still learning and enjoying the instrument after all these years. My love for music has only increased over the years, as has my desire to write and sing songs that stir up feelings from deep within people's hearts.

Although I listened mostly to worldly music throughout my earlier years and have had a variety of musical influences, I believe the biggest influence on my music has been Jesus. I have learned many things from him about his Father and I have learned from the Father about His Son. Together, through God's Spirit, they are teaching me how to live and how to walk daily in the Spirit, and my desire is to share both my feelings and experiences, and messages for God's people from the Father and Son through the songs that I sing.

I believe these songs are for any child of God who is hungering and thirsting after the righteousness of God, and for any soul who is tired and weary, looking for peace and rest in a world filled with strife and unrest.