Hold On To Me

Long ago, far away, I was among you
Doing my father's will
Doing right, loving life, I always kept focused
Even on Calvary's hill

So few there even cared if I was suffering
I felt alone on that tree
I cried father I love you, I miss you, I need you
Please don't abandon me
He said hold on to me

I am here, you are there, it's still the same story
You have his spirit too
Holding you, touching you, keeping you holy
Making you pure and true

Hold on to my spirit, hold on to my life
Hold on to all that you see
Don't be discouraged, let go of your cares
I know that my father agrees when I say
Hold on to me

So few there even care if you should suffer
And sometimes you'll suffer for me
If you cry out to father: I love you, I need you
Please don't abandon me
He'll say hold on to me

Last of all, to whom I've called there is a blessing
For casting away all fear
Looking on toward your God and fearing Him only
Is keeping him ever near

Hold on to that spirit, hold on to that life
Hold on for you and for me
Love judgment, love mercy, love feelings, love life
Love everything that you see
That's how you hold on to me
(repeat chorus)

© 2003 Darren Prater

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